Week 16 Blog: Wrap Up

Well… the semester is almost over. I will say that I enjoyed reading this semester (like I always have), so I’m sure I will continue reading books.. but probably not as often as I did during this class. I will say that this blog has taught me different reading and writing skills that I didn’t even know about. I also really enjoyed blogging this semester, so I’m pretty sure this won’t be my last blog post. This semester has to go down in the books as the hardest semester…. EVER. I talked to my advisor and he told me that I’m taking my classes all out of order and I am taking way too many hard classes for someone who is only in their second semester in college *THANKS, MOM.* Anyway, although I’ll have to retake some classes during summer A & B, I have learned that it’s okay to retake classes.. No matter where you stand with financial aid or whatever the case may be, IT’S OKAY. As long as you’ve tried your hardest — I won’t even say that — as long as you SOMEWHAT tried, it’s okay to have to try again. It’s normal! SO many college students have to retake classes! Steve Jobs even dropped out! So even though this is completely off topic, I wanted to use this chance to encourage some of my fellow students. You always get a chance to try again at everything in life, so give it all you’ve got. Anyway, although this semester didn’t go as well as I had planned, I really enjoyed blogging this semester. I found something I actually like to do, which is pretty cool. So I probably won’t be posting anymore book reviews, but I will probably be posting some more blog posts on my site. I want to use this blog to help students and people. Although all my posts, aren’t always super interesting, I still want to use this opportunity to encourage others like I want people to encourage and help me. I also want to use this blog to reflect on the things I have learned and done.

Here are some videos I watched during my first semester in college.


5 thoughts on “Week 16 Blog: Wrap Up

  1. Omg you actually have no idea how much your blog just motivated me. Im literally going through the same thing with classes and financial aid and having to retake classes and im so happy that im not the only one feeling this right now so thank you so much for sharing this it honestly means just helped me more than you will ever know so thank you! thank you! thank you!


  2. Great way to wrap up your blog! It’s awesome to see someone using something like a school assignment to send a positive message. I definitely agree that it’s ok to retake classes and that college is a great place for second chances and I’m glad that you’ve been able to discover that. I actually disagree with you when you say that we always get a second chance in life, unfortunately some things have consequences and some times our failures are undoable. But I think thats why college is so special, because its one of the few environment that allows you to have second chances. And even our undoable failures teach us valuable lessons and if taken the right way make us better people. Keep up the positivity and I hope to see you continue giving out such great encouragement!


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