The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Steven Chbosky

This week, I read all 256 pages of Steven Chbosky’s The Perks Being of a Wallflower. The main character, Charlie, is trying to cope with the loss of his friend Michael, who committed suicide. Charlie finds that writing letters to a stranger helps him cope with the loss of his friend. He begins all of his letter with “Dear friend..”, which I find ironic because his letter is written to a complete stranger he has never met in person before. Charlie befriends his English teacher, Bill, and eventually overcomes his unending case of shyness. He even makes a couple of new best friends, Patrick and his step-sister, Sam. As the school year passes by, Charlie finally learns how to step out of his comfort zone and make more friends. Sam and Patrick take him under their wings and help him find himself in the real world. He goes on his first date, learns to manage with bullies, and he even drinks and plays around with a couple different types of drugs. He even created his own soundtrack and reads a huge stack of books. Charlie’s at-home life was pretty stable until he finds out a devastating secret (that I won’t spoil for you) that causes him to have a mental breakdown and become hospitalized. He writes his last letter with hope that he is released from the hospital and forgiving his aunt Helen for the secret that caused him to suffer from a severe mental breakdown and be rushed to the hospital. He hopes to find new friends during his sophomore year in high school and become part of the real world. He hopes to participate in the real world, instead of just letting it fly by.

My favorite quote from the book was “Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.” I loved this quote because even though it can be hard to accept, it is very true. Learning from this quote can be tough, but one can definitely benefit from this.

I watched the movie as well and I love how close Charlie became with Sam and Patrick so quickly. Their friendship portrayed the perfect image of friendship.

This book really had that emotional depth I had been looking for in a book. It wasn’t just about a kid trying to find friends. Hats off to Chbosky for this amazing story.

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